Hi. I am Elizabeth Grace Wolf – eldest daughter of Anna (aka Nancy) and Louis Brood. When I was in my twenties, both my parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease within 4 months of each other. That was nearly 12 years ago… This disease slowly and horrifically ravaged our mother’s mind and body to death, and she left this world on February 10, 2017.  On February 1, 2021 our father rejoined our beloved mother in the place we go after we leave these bodies.

In June of 2018, I returned to work and school after many years living as my parents’ full-time caregiver. I will spend the rest of my life advocating on behalf of people living with advanced dementia and serving as a support for family caregivers who are walking besides loved ones with terminal illness as they take their last steps through this world. As of this writing in November of 2021, I have been practicing as a hospice and palliative care social worker for more than three years.

This site is now a more silent place but one where I once explored care life and care work with the many contemplations it evoked. Upsidedowndaughter.com is a patchwork of vignettes, reflections, images, interviews, advocacy, and whatever else has become relevant to me these last years. This is what I still eat, sleep, breathe, and lie awake to but now in the context of supporting so many other families through such times. I thank you with all my heart for being here to share in the experience.