Mother’s Day 2016


We play this game… I stick my cheek next to her face to see if she’ll turn and kiss it. How many kisses can I get? 2, sometimes 3. This morning it was 5, 6 even! But who cares about the number? Soft momma lips do this thing to my heart. They stop time. They unweigh a thousand nights of heartache. And they make me wonder: What else could possibly matter? She loves me! She can still love me. I don’t need a name. I don’t need her to say it. Every kiss, every smile, every time she meets my eyes, I feel it. Even if she doesn’t, even if she won’t, even if she can’t, I feel it. When I lay against her, when I watch her from across the room, when I listen to her breathe from the other side of the wall, I feel it. She is my momma. Beyond words, mind, brain, coherence. I feel it.

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